A crocheted sweater that isn’t bulky!

I’ve been crocheting for about 20 years, but maybe seriously for about 10. I’ve never made a sweater. I knit a darling baby cardigan 19 years ago, and that’s as close as I got. Every crochet sweater I’ve seen has been either heavy and bulky or more like a lacy overlay. Think about the stitch… Continue reading A crocheted sweater that isn’t bulky!

Crochet Tucson


Welcome, we just got here too! This is the beginning of something great and we thank you for stopping by. Here’s what we have so far: One lovely website and several social media connections: Instagram, Pinterest, and Facebook pages as Crochet Tucson (or crochettucson). We’re on Ravelry as well but holding our horses there for a… Continue reading HI!