Yarn Bowls

For a while I worked exclusively with cotton. Every so often I get into a mood and I say I’m going to use up all the cotton I have and make a tower of washcloths. I love cotton, but I hate how it gets all fuzzy from handling. The way I combat friction while I crochet is to keep my yarn in a bowl. I bought two nice ceramic bowls and have broken and fixed and broken and fixed them both. I gave up after two cycles. I think wood may be the way to go next time. I find yarn bowls helpful against animal hair too. I can keep the yarn out up on my desk or on a table while I work and not worry about it landing on the floor. My dogs are allowed on couch with us so when I crochet at night during a tv show I keep the yarn in a little tote bag next to me and I only make things that are for myself. Gifts for others are strictly at-the-desk work.  I saw a little wooden bowl at Hobby Lobby yesterday for about $15 and decided right away that wasn’t worth it. It was ok and if anyone has one I’m sure they love it, but I’ve been spoiled with beautiful handiwork on my yarn bowls. I favor these:

This is a nicely crafted Spalted Maple bowl by the Etsy shop Higgins Wood Works. It runs $45 and ships from Arkansas. It’s a nice, natural option. I like the shape of the cavity. il_570xN.682309989_gkfh

This is the kind have. Sort of. I have 3/4 of one left. I love the color options in ceramic bowls. This one is $38 from a somewhat local crafter in Sedona, Red Hot Pottery. Most ceramic bowls have a similar style opening for the yarn and a similar decorative lip on the upper edge. Keep looking until you find the one that really speaks to you. They tend to run within the same price range and there’s seems to be a generally agreed upon size and construction amongst the crafters of these beautiful bowls.

Looking for something a little…different? I found this  darling shop MuddyHeart and I couldn’t just pick one to feature. Also, now I know what the extra hole in mine is for! Duh, it’s for my hook. I wondered why anyone would pull the yarn through a hole right next to the nice swirly opening that seemed specifically designed for the task. These run near the $45 range. Adorbs:

Ok, one more neat yarn keeper. This is exactly what I need for my couch sessions. I’ve seen more of these on Pinterest but I’m sticking to what came up from my Etsy search for “yarn bowl.” I’m guessing this is perfect for the cylindrical skeins that pull from the center. It’s a brilliant idea and I think I may need to get one. It’s a little over $38 and ships from When Art Met Cloth of the UK. I’m sure they exist in local shops too, but I really like this.



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