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Weekend Stashbuster Blanket by Sandra Paul

Some day I’ll love joining pieces. I like making them, but my face of anguish and disgust at joining squares usually gets a hearty chuckle from whoever mentioned it to me. To me, these blankets (that other people make) are especially marvelous because of my disdain for tails. I salute you, Piece Joiners, for your capable work and beautiful designs.

IMG_4474I realize now why I was drawn to this project. I already have Sandra’s Spice of Life pattern in my Ravelry library. I’m either going to have to bite the bullet and order the yarn from overseas or spend a day, again, trying to match colors to something available stateside. I’m going to make that blanket though, whatever it takes!

The Weekender Blanket link  leads to Sandra’s blog, which has wonderful pictures and the full list of colors she used. I love that the pattern is free. I feel even more productive when I find a free way to use yarn I already have! For this blanket, yes, it would be beautiful in these exact colors, but I think it would be OK to mix and match from your stash. Why not?

Check out the update post where she shows off the finished blanket.



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