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Super Easy Knit Bunny From A Square. Do it.

I can knit but it takes me for-ev-er. I don’t even want to try making shapes or animals. Kendra told me she is working on a little wolf and swooned. I got a little excited, even.  I haven’t found a crocheted wolf pattern I really like. Then she said it’s knit and I retreated with the stinky face that goes with no, I will not eat those peas. Nope.

Whether you’re terrified of dropping a purled stitch and only realizing it 5 rows later, like I am, or you’re a great knitter but you want to make something amazingly awesome and be able to tell people you made said awesomeness from a simple square, this is a must-do. I promise. Follow the link below for Anette’s full instructions on, but here’s a preview.

Super easy bunny from a flat garter stitch square: Square Bunny Knit Pattern 2. I think I’ve got some Lion Brand Amazing yarn laying around that might do for a quick pattern test (I really need to do some stashbusting).


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