Crochet Tucson · Kendra's Picks · Pattern

Soft Crocheted Sandals

Yard work is therapeutic for me. I’m a weather wimp though, so I let things go if it’s too windy, or too warm, or too cool outside. Living in Tucson you learn that if you wait a day the weather will change again, and usually in your favor. As a matter of fact, our crochet group meets at an outdoor venue. There is an adjacent indoor space in case the weather doesn’t cooperate, but I doubt we’ll need to use it until it gets cold at night in December.

Back to the yard work. I backwash my pool onto the ground around the pool equipment. It makes for easy weeding and waters the palm trees and shrubs. I also do my gardening in flip-flops and I don’t use gloves because our stupid desert weeds need an unreal pincer-grasp to uproot them. That equates to me stomping around nearly barefoot in rocks, mud, budding ragweed, and some unidentifiable abrasive debris from everything that grows in my yard. It didn’t really bother me until I came inside and tried cleaning myself up. A mani-pedi is some real therapy now on my to-do-soon list. I’m wondering which work in progress to take along for the pedi portion. I love it when they’re too busy so they let me sit in the massage chair too long!

Speaking of pampering, Mamachee has something perfect for fresh feet:






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