Crochet Tucson

Crocheting On The Job, Or Basically Anywhere, Anytime

My bosses know I crochet. If they pop by where I’m working, after business is handled they turn their attention to my project bag and ask what I’m working on. I need to mention they’re the best bosses on the planet. I mean seriously.

I’m an adult caregiver. Aside from all of the things you’re imagining right now, there is also quite a bit of nap supervision, and waiting out doctor’s appointments, haircuts, church events, you name it. Personally, on a 12-hour shift, reading a book to pass the time puts me to sleep. I need to keep busy.

I don’t get to do it with all of my clients, but some of them like to relax and watch tv or read their own books, and I’m expected to keep them company. Other times, like last weekend, I wait in an office at a resort while a client has a private session. Actually that particular client likes to go to yarn shops with me!


The trick is to be ready to crochet at any time. My husband brought home several big tote bags from work for me – free company swag. I can fit a whole project in each one: The pattern in sleeve protectors in a binder, a baggie of stitch markers and tools, all of the yarn, hand lotion, nail file, and pretty much anything else I need for crocheting on the go. The night before work, I grab my project go-bag and put it by my purse. Same thing for crochet night with the girls, waiting at the airport, waiting at the dojo, whatever. Project go-bags is where it’s at. One entire project per bag, with all the tools, means you can  work on it literally whenever you get a chance, without having to figure out which hook you were using and where you left it, or fish through a pile of yarn and figure out which ones were for this afghan and which ones were for that amigurumi again.

This project bag doesn’t have *all* of the yarn because I haven’t ordered it all of it yet. The Minecraft blanket is a great one to take along because it’s just a billion (400ish) simple, single color granny squares . I always print my patterns and put them in individual project folders with page protectors. If it’s a really big pattern like the Drops Meadow CAL (my second colorway) I was working on this weekend, I can pull out the pages for the part I’m on and they won’t get lost or ruined while I work. I do still need to either get or make some little pouches to hold hooks, snips, and stitch markers.



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