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Crochet Wedding Bells

Dresses, flowers, dancing, bow-ties, and GIFTS, Oh my!! What do you do when you have to go to a wedding…for the first. time. ever!? I have no idea really. I wish I knew what to get for the wonderful groom and his beautiful bride on their special day, but the truth is I have only met him a couple times and her only once. I don’t know what style they like or what they have in their home. The groom is my husbands best friend, someone he truly believes in and trusts. The bride is a police officer. Then it hits me… CROCHET! What else!

After much…much thought I decided to make them beautiful handmade crochet kitchen goodies! I started with wonderful “turn on itself potholders”. You know the kind, you start with a chain of 30 or 40, depending on how big you want it, and then just go around and around until it comes together. It creates a double layer that protects you from the heat of a hot pan, and holds up in the wash! My grandma originally taught me how to make them when I was visiting her a few months ago and she showed me a couple she has had for years so I had to make these. I want to give this newly married couple something that will last over time. And honestly, how many can say they have crochet potholders in this day and age!?



From there it went on to kitchen towels. You know the kind, its a normal kitchen towel and at the top some very creative person came up with the brilliant idea to crochet a few rows of their stitch of choice, make a neck and add a button. Then you take it and slide it through the handle on your fridge or stove, and voila! So I made two, I added a button on either side making it easier to fasten and, I think it looks more fancy!

kitchen towels


Then it was on to the free hanging towel holder. You know, you fasten it to your fridge or oven door, and you can hang any kitchen towel through the towel ring. The towel ring is originally made of a hair tie. If your anything like me you have them ALL over your house. Once you single crochet around the ring you just keep adding rows and then fold over and add a button!! EASY PEASY!

kitchen towel with free towel holder


This is the part where it got a little tricky for me… Dish cloths! OH…MY…GOODNESS did I ever have an annoying time with this one. First I had to go through a hundred patterns to find a couple I liked, then I had to learn the stitch if it wasn’t something I already knew. Then I had to decide if I wanted to use two strands of yarn or one, then try it out both ways, then I realize I hate that pattern and go on to the next one and start over. Ugh, finally I found a pattern I did like and didn’t take forever to do. The best dishcloth ever by rescued paw designs. Its a unique (to me) stitch that I enjoyed doing.

Best Crochet Dishcloth Pattern Ever!

square multicolored dish cloth (top of pic)


One word…SCRUBBIES! Oh man, this gave me quite the headache as well. I bought the Red Heart Scrubbie yarn thinking that I would be able to make the coolest scrubbies EVER! Um, wake up Echo… your delusional! Have you tried to crochet with this yarn? For me it is impossible. The yarn is so crazy that I literally could not bring my hook through it! So I found a nice pattern that would puff up enough to make a good texture. Remember were scrubbing dishes after all. After I made a nice rectangle shape, I folded it over into thirds, then slip stitched it up all the way around and it really made a great sponge shaped scrubbie! Very exciting, so much so that my kids keep asking me if they can do the dishes with it…I guess I need to make one for our own house so they will stop trying to steal this one!

(Scrubbie can be seen in above picture, its the small rectangular one.)

Who cant live without coasters!! Of course I made four of them, with the same color scheme as everything else. I had to ask the grooms mother what the couples favorite colors are and what the color scheme is like in their home because I have never been there…That’s right, my husbands BFF and I have never been to his home…But anyway, I was informed they love natural colors, so that’s why the maroon and aran fleck.  Coasters are SUPER easy and only take a few minutes each.


Whats next, whats next…Oh thats right! The most awesome hot pad! Its pretty and its sophisticated, just like the lovely couple…I think…it’s in the shape of a flower, looks super complicated and like I must have spent forever creating this beautiful piece of art, that it’s almost to good to actually use! I once made my mother a watermelon slice shaped pot holder and she hung it up in her kitchen instead of using it…I guess I should be happy, 36 years old and my mommy still displays my works of art in her kitchen!! This pattern for the flower hot pad is so simple, I know you can do it also!

You will have to excuse the darkness of the pictures. I hope everyone can see the detail in all of the pieces I made. These will all be labeled in the end and put into a beautiful gift bag and presented to the newlyweds. Sometimes when I am crocheting things like this for other people I hope that they will enjoy them as much as I do. Sometimes people think crocheting is for little old ladies who make afghans or socks…I wonder if these things that I have crafted will matter to others, and if they will keep them forever. I think handmade gifts are so meaningful. We love when our children come up to us with scribbles and we proudly stick them to the fridge. Will these things I have spent my personal time on matter to others? Or will they just think its silly and stuff it in a drawer somewhere? Who knows, but I like to think that all of these wonderful pieces that have made my wrist pop with every stitch and my fingers numb for days, will be something they will proudly display in their home and use until the stitches fall apart.

Crochet isn’t just for old ladies, its for everyone. From moms who stay home and take care of little ones all day long, who just want to focus on something else for a few minutes rather than fighting toddlers who keep stealing each others favorite…whatever it is this time…To the little old ladies who take care of their husbands even after 60 years of marriage who just want to sit down for a few minutes and forget about pills and lunch and dogs. We all just want to create something that will last, something that matters and something that will be met with the understanding that I just put my time and love into making you this heirloom that you can keep forever.

So to this happy couple that will be saying “I do” very soon. I wish you a blessed life. Full of happiness and laughter. I wish you joy and peace, understanding and patience. May God keep you safe and may you always keep God first in everything you encounter as a married couple. Remember to pray, remember to be humble in your life. Always be willing to listen, and always be willing to say your sorry (even if you think its all his fault). I know you will have a beautiful life together, but always remember to keep things simple. I decided on kitchen goodies because the kitchen is where families spend so much time. We cook, we eat, we talk, we play games at the dining room table and we communicate, the kitchen brings families together. Enjoy!










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