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Yarn is Life!


What is it about yarn? New yarn, used yarn, free yarn, hand me down yarn, yard sale yarn…you get the point right? You learn to crochet or knit and then it becomes not only a hobby, but a lifestyle.


People find out you crochet or knit and they offer their yarn they haven’t touched in ages and your all over it! You go to a yard sale and there’s a bag of yarn for a quarter and you snatch it up before anyone else can! You hear about a sale at your local craft or fabric store and you hurry up and get there because if you don’t, all the yarn on sale, might, just MIGHT be gone already!! Or you get online as fast as you can to order the yarn that is on sale or clearance and you feel like a MIGHTY WARRIOR when you hit the check out button!! And everyone better watch out if you find a COUPON!!

Ahhhh yarn…

Its Friday, its PAYDAY Friday and you have extra money for yarn so you get to the store and get as much as you can, even though you have no idea what magical handmade creation you will make…or where you’ll keep it…YARN!

After 3 long weeks of waiting for the snail who brings the mail to bring me my lovely box of yarn, it came! It was my first time ordering yarn online and my anticipation level was so high that I could barely stand it!


Finally, I had my brown, rectangular box of HAPPINESS! And inside was 18 skeens of bright and colorful YARN ordered from Jo-Ann Fabric…I am pretty sure my husband and kids thought I was a complete nut for being so excited over something that they don’t understand. But that’s ok! I am 36 years old and I don’t get excited over very many things. I have 9 children, my days are spent changing diapers, cleaning my house, laundry, watching “Peppa Pig” and “Despicable Me” over and over and OVER…So now that I finally have a hobby that is all mine, and I don’t have to share it with anyone, I AM EXCITED!!


Even if it is just silly yarn 🙂

When I’m sitting, I’m crocheting. When I’m laying in bed watching “Grey’s Anatomy” taking a break, I’m crocheting. It relaxes me, it gets me excited to see what I just made from reading a pattern I once looked at as a foreign language! And yes, I am that person who has taken my crochet projects with me when I’ve gone places. For me it’s therapeutic.


Luckily I have a wonderful husband who doesn’t complain if I buy more yarn, as long as he gets to buy whatever tool he needs for blacksmithing.  So it works. He has his shop, and I have my closet full of yarn!

I have my own personal something to look forward to, because…




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