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Why I’m Not Pooling

I do love the pattern it makes. Pooling is all the rage and argyle is in. The first time I saw it demonstrated, it looked easy enough. The woman said just use a variegated yarn and count this or that many and do the moss stitch. But now there’s this method and that method and the recommendation of using more than one hook size as you go and “adjusting tension” to make colors line up. I can do this, it’s not that I can’t, I just don’t want to. I don’t want to take the time. Why? RHSS. That’s what I’m seeing in posts. You have to use Red Heart Super Saver. Here’s a Facebook group that’s all over it. Yes, there are one or two other yarns that work, I’m still not interested yet.



I’m not speaking for our whole group. I have to say that. There are people in my group who love using RHSS. I use it for Amigurumi but not anything that will touch skin. In the world of yarn, please, please, get past the Super Saver when you plan your next blanket or scarf for someone. At least try Red Heart’s other lines! I made a soft, snuggly blanket for my son in Red Heart With Love. But I don’t like Red Heart yarn, so why make a blanket out of it? I was stash busting. Two things had led me to do a “one of each” purchase at WalMart. I needed to find the right yarn for the CGOA Masters Program (Hobby Lobby’s “I Love This Yarn” is the winner), and my son requested a Yoshi. Both need something that will show stitches, hold shape, and offer consistent tension. Red Heart With Love didn’t do that, so I made a blanket. I’d use it again for a blanket actually, but never the Super Saver.

I’m not a yarn snob, I just happen to know that the yarn community only begins with Red Heart. It certainly does not end there. Once you discover what’s really out there, you can’t un-know it. I can’t use the RHSS for pooling. Sorry. Can’t do it. If anyone wants to create a good quality variegated yarn that will pool, send it to me. I’ll pool the daylights out of it and tell everyone in no uncertain terms to ditch that scratchy shit and buy your wondrous unicorn breath instead. I’m serious.

Seemingly unrelated but not, we’re having a retreat next month at a super sweet location. It’s smallish, mainly for the key players in my crew. I invited everyone, but you know how it is –  some people are new, some people aren’t really crowd people, and most of us have kids and “life” to work around. No big deal, we’ll do it again soon enough. Now here’s the thing: I don’t charge dues, so I don’t have play money laying around. I also wanted to make the retreat affordable, but awesome. Therefore, I’ve been groveling, calling in favors, generally schmoozing if you will, since the retreat’s conception. I poured my heart out to anyone who would listen, and I stated my case for our amazing ladies. I told them about our projects, I told them about our integrity, our vision, our intention. Here’s to being genuine because several companies and individual yarn dyers and winders have contributed their wares for our retreat.

Another thing that needs to be said here, I didn’t just arbitrarily ask for stuff because I want all the yarn in the world delivered to my doorstep. I have this issue with people using RHSS for everything, and I’m so, so tired of people (myself included) going to JoAnn stores, Michael’s, and WalMart (gasp) for yarn, seeing the same damn thing on the shelves no matter which location they go to, and getting the same factory crap. Pride in craftsmanship anyone? Your talent is too good for that, people! By the way, JoAnn and Michaels did not contribute, which is fine because I regretted asking them as soon as I realized who I should really have been talking to.

The end of the story is that the Sonoran Hookers now have a relationship with some wonderful names and Hallelujah because we need to raise the caliber of our whole craft. The ladies who come to all the meetings are hardcore and I’m going to push them all to become crocheters (and knitters) extraordinaire throughout the coming year. Again, the offer is open for sending skeins and getting reviews and possibly becoming part of our select yarn resource list, for pooling or otherwise.

At the retreat, my group will be introduced to some amazing products and we’ll have an in-depth discussion on the what’s what of yarn. Later, I’ll be talking here about the companies who sponsored us, so keep your eyes peeled and know that I stand behind my recommendations.

And so, I cannot do pooling. Not until it works with a decent yarn. The end.


8 thoughts on “Why I’m Not Pooling

  1. Thanks for this post. I’m a beginner-perhaps intermediate but I see “pooling” popping up everywhere. I actually hate RHSS, It was only recently that I realized that people consider that a yarn for beginners. I think not! haha. What’s interesting is I didn’t know that people used RHSS that much for pooling since everyone I see online talks about using Caron Cakes. Maybe it’s just be but I don’t want to buy a whole bunch of yarn only to waste it after becoming frustrated that I don’t use it.


      1. ooh, thanks for letting me know. on the reddit crochet board there are a couple of posts with Caron Cakes and their finished pooling results. I heard there is a FB group for them as well but I don’t have a FB account. Beyond it’s unpredictability, how’s the quality of CC?


      2. It’s soft, which is a plus. I wasn’t happy with the color issue and then it pilled quite a bit after a gentle wash. I wouldn’t use it to make anything as a gift for someone. It’s good for one-skein projects like a hat orsmall scarfette that won’t be washed often.

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  2. Thank you so much! I thought I was the only one to feel so strongly anti RHSS. I really want to try pooling just because it’s something new to do….and despite searching all over the web for a decent yarn that will for sure pool I’ve come to the conclusion it’s just something I won’t be able to do at this time. Reading your thoughts on RHSS make me feel validation for my own view.


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