Crochet Tucson

Contribute to #yarnbomber: Done. 

​I crocheted so much one day somewhat recently that I had pains in my forearm. Did I stop? No! I switched to knitting until the pain went away.  A glass of wine  also helped. I did learn a lesson that day, sitting on the floor needling a sock together whilst eyeballing the abandoned crochet project: I need to plan my power-crochet sessions better. I’m getting better at prioritizing projects and managed to whip something up in time for the Yarnbomber exhibit here in Tucson for TedX. I’ve also finished a couple of shawls, 3/4 of a queen sized corner to corner afghan, over 100 little granny squares for my son’s Minecraft blanket, and some handmade goodie bags for the retreat we had last weekend. My point? Set reasonable goals, plan your time, stick to your plan. Then, put yourself out there. Spread the crochet love as much as your hands will let you.


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