This is a group founded by two unique Tucson women who want to create with purpose.

For a few hours about once a month, my friend Kendra and I get together for dinner and a movie. We get to use grown-up words, eat our own food without sharing, and watch something above a G rating. The rest of the time, admittedly, we’re mostly in sweats and slippers, deciding if we should do the dishes or work on that afghan that’s been a WIP too long. After lunch maybe we’ll scour Ravelry, go fondle yarn at Michael’s, or order get the kits for every CAL we can juggle. We really want to have more girl’s nights, but we also want more excuses to get yarn and crochet.  We’re pretty sure others feel the same! That is why we started this group.

It started out being for anyone who crochets, at any level, but we adopted some knitters along the way. We get together twice at least twice a month to share tips and to mentor each other, touch each other’s yarn while confessing we just spent way too much on our own yarn and figure out how to destash before the husband catches on. It helps that our meetup spot serves delicious daiquiris and desserts. We get together and chat, we support each other just by being together, and we find strength in our likemindedness. We bond over yarn. This group is an eclectic mix of professionals, stay-at-home moms, and students. We all have “stuff” to deal with day-to-day, and we all find reprieve in our crafts, and comfort in each other. Welcome.


Please join us at our meetings, but if you can’t be there in person join our Facebook group to be a cyber-member. Email us at sonoranhookers@gmail.com.

Happy Hooking,

Diana and Kendra



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