Crochet Tucson

Contribute to #yarnbomber: Done. 

​I crocheted so much one day somewhat recently that I had pains in my forearm. Did I stop? No! I switched to knitting until the pain went away.  A glass of wine  also helped. I did learn a lesson that day, sitting on the floor needling a sock together whilst eyeballing the abandoned crochet project:… Continue reading Contribute to #yarnbomber: Done. 

Crochet Tucson

Crocheting On The Job, Or Basically Anywhere, Anytime

My bosses know I crochet. If they pop by where I’m working, after business is handled they turn their attention to my project bag and ask what I’m working on. I need to mention they’re the best bosses on the planet. I mean seriously. I’m an adult caregiver. Aside from all of the things you’re… Continue reading Crocheting On The Job, Or Basically Anywhere, Anytime

Crochet Tucson

Sew-In Labels

I’m wearing many hats these days and juggling (quite well) a few projects simultaneously. I enjoy making things “just because,” but I know have two situations in which I, or at least the associated group, should really take credit. And so, whilst browsing custom labels… By SnugglyMonkey on ETSY Featured in “27 Hilarious Clothing… Continue reading Sew-In Labels

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Quick Mother’s Day Spa Set

Whip up something for Mother’s Day that’s pretty, quick, and won’t break the bank in materials. Mother’s Day is in 10 days! I’ve gotten pretty good at making a washcloth within one hour and can probably manage the mitt in the same amount of time so this could actually happen. If you don’t have cotton… Continue reading Quick Mother’s Day Spa Set

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If Your Mom’s Into Hookin’…

My husband bought me a travel bag for my yarn and things for my birthday, and also a set of hooks. It was a complete set from super tiny to nice and large, cause size does matter! He was sure he had made a huge mistake and I’d throw it at back at him but… Continue reading If Your Mom’s Into Hookin’…