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When Life Gives You Lemons #StitchAwayStress

We all know the saying, “When life gives you lemons, make lemonade!” Well, the incredibly talented Twinkie Chan created this lemon stress ball pattern just for you as we raise awareness of the stress reducing benefits of yarn crafts. Stitch your own lemon, squeeze, and watch the stress melt away. #stitchawaystress   Knit Pattern:… Continue reading When Life Gives You Lemons #StitchAwayStress

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Changing Global Health One Stitch at a Time #StitchAwayStress

In January 2014, the Council released its Changing Global Health One Stitch at a Time video featuring interviews with a wide range of people from older adults to grammar school kids about their experiences with knitting and crochet. Subscribe to our channel on The video was produced by Lasch Media for CYC. Since the mid… Continue reading Changing Global Health One Stitch at a Time #StitchAwayStress

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Recovery Is…Crocheting

“In this video, Liz, an expert crochet artist and person in recovery, shares what she loves to do and why. The “Recovery is …” series is presented by the Connecticut Mental Health Center (CMHC) and made possible by the CMHC Foundation. CMHC is a cooperative endeavor of the State of Connecticut Department of Mental Health… Continue reading Recovery Is…Crocheting