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Adorable Adult Bunny Slippers

Stop making bunnies for everyone else for a while and make yourself something cozy instead! It’s usually pretty warm around here but whenever it’s chilly in the house I whip up a set of cotton slippers. Ironically it’s colder in the house in the summer because my husband likes to crank up the air conditioner.… Continue reading Adorable Adult Bunny Slippers

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Super Easy Knit Bunny From A Square. Do it.

I can knit but it takes me for-ev-er. I don’t even want to try making shapes or animals. Kendra told me she is working on a little wolf and swooned. I got a little excited, even.  I haven’t found a crocheted wolf pattern I really like. Then she said it’s knit and I retreated with the… Continue reading Super Easy Knit Bunny From A Square. Do it.